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Life well lived.

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Al Erkyah City


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Life well lived.

Al Erkyah City.
A life well lived.

Al Erkyah City represents an integrated community, with wellbeing at its heart. From open spaces to innovatively designed residences, Al Erkyah City will transform people’s lives.

Architects, designers and wellbeing experts have come together with the sole intention to create the healthiest and most beneficial environment possible in every aspect of Al Erkyah City.

Al Erkyah City is about providing a better tomorrow, founded on the needs of today. The City’s unique beauty lies in its surroundings: encircled by the Stadium District, golf course and waterfront, the neighborhood is also near the principal entertainment zones. Its innovative design and architecture is centered on the concept of wellness and sustainability, improving the lives of its residents as well as visitors.

Retaining contentment and security at its heart, this vibrant, smart city sets new standards to a healthy lifestyle – for both the young and the people with energy. Sustainable living is quintessential to Al Erkyah City.


Al Erkyah City’s enviable location near a variety of entertainment and sports facilities make it the new place to live, work and play in Doha.

To the east of Al Erkyah City is the Entertainment City; to the north are state-of-the-art golf courses.

Within easy reach of Al Erkyah City is the futuristic Stadium District. Home to numerous international hotels, restaurants and training fields, this area will play a pivotal role in hosting the most important event of 2022.

Entertainment District, set to be another premier destination in Qatar is located in close proximity of Al Erkyah City. This exciting area will attract world travelers who will come from near and far to experience the most technologically advanced venues and leisure offerings in elegant, urban surroundings.


In this rapidly changing world we live in, serenity and wellbeing are increasingly hard to attain. But Al Erkyah City’s promise is its philosophy of wellness. When quality of life is improved, a state of wellbeing follows suit. Throughout its innovative residences, streets and amenities, Al Erkyah City invites healthy and tranquil living. Al Erkyah City’s unique concept is unquestionably attractive to dynamic and forwardthinking people who have made the conscious decision to live a better, happier life.

If wellbeing is a state, then Al Erkyah City is its location.

Al Erkyah Mosque

Al Erkyah City Mosque aims to share the values of Islam and create a bridge between the Arabic civilization and the rest of the world. It will house 885 worshippers, bringing moderation, peace, harmony and tolerance to the community.

Community Centre

A specific plot is dedicated to serve all the needs of the residents: supermarkets, banks, salons and the kindergarten, laundry and florist are centered on one location to promote convenience and ease.